L'arte di Serena Tallarigo

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Born in Pisa, Italy


Starting in 1962 through 1972, her first artistic research travelling in Italy, Africa, France and the United States.


In 1972 arrives in France and opens her studio in Paris.


During this time her studies include Drawing/Art school ABC and a research on Malevic, Mondrian and the Bauhaus period.


Her essey “Sculptural Theory” is a research on metal and acids for mural sculpture. She concentrates on Philosophy and Aesthetics.


Her first one-woman-show, Gallery “Trois Rives”, Paris, France.


Between 1976and 1980 she works on metal and wood, her first project “The Door” is today part of a private collection in Paris, France. Committee member of the Association of italian Painters and Sculptors in affiliation with the Italian Cultural Center in Paris, France. Starts working with paper, embossed drawing technique on Reeves paper.


By the end of this period she visits Carrara, Italy; projects and executes “Project for a Temple” white P marble sculpture (Private collection in Pennsylvania, Usa)


In l981 she gets a diploma in “Traditional Engraving”, Studio Grafica in Venice Italy; travels to Carrara and open a studio. She projects and executes “Bas Reliefs To-day”, sculptures in marble white P (Private collection Dreyfus Bank, Basel, CH)


One year after, in 1982,she travels to New York where, one year after, she goes regularly and in 1983 she opens a studio and starts working and studying monumental sculpture.


Between l984 and l986 she projects and executes “On the Edge of Stone at the Edge of Sculpture” black and white marble sculptures.


In the same year she is invited by Ted Reeds Architects, New York, to create a monumental sculpture “Triptic”, installation New York City.


In 1987 Enichem Americas USA Inc, invites her to create a sculpture in Princeton, New Jersey, installation “Alternative II”


One year after, she is invited again by Enichem Americas Inc. Usa to create an environmental

project for the Center of Research and Development Enichem Americas Usa Inc, New Jersey.


In 1989 she works on a new project “The Wall:10 Elements, 10 Commandments”, a concept of serial sculpture , poetry and tecnology; she also creates a series of paper works: “Composition, “ Black Abstraction”, “Grey Abstraction”, installation in Enimont Americas Inc. New York.


In 1990 she lives in both Carrara, Italy and New York, Usa. She starts working on a project ”Traces”, sculptures in marble yellow of Siena ended in 1992 when the School of Visual Art in New York invites her for an art teaching course in Urbino, Italy. Following the Lions Club and the editor Bompiani family invite her to realize a Bas-Relief portrait of editor Valentino Bompiani, Milano, Italy.Installation, Lerici, Italy. Mentioned in the book “Da Shelly a Montale” by Isabella Tedesco Vergano,editor Marco Sabatelli, Dec.1995


Between 1993 and 1994 she works on a project “Feeling of Black”, cycled black of Belgium sculptures and started the project “RES” : Religion, Ecology, Social.


In 1995 she is invited by Euro Marmo Scultura for representing Italy in conferences “Art and Industry” in Arhus, Denmark. Installation in Graana Museum, Denmark, “Something new from Some where else”, sculpture in porfirico stone.


Between 1996 and 1997, she realizes the project “Res” and the project “The Wall: 10 Elements 10 Commandments”. In 1997 she realizes “The wounded Angel” a triptic, mixed media on canvas for a travelling exhibition, Museo de Los Angeles di Turegano (Segovia).


In 1998 she installs “Trace VI”, a sculpture in iron and marble yellow of Siena in the “Parco dei Medici” “WFP” United Nations, Rome Italy. She realizes “Sigilli” sculptures in iron and mixed media . She starts working on a project “Le case del Cielo”, 24 sculptures in black of Belgium marble in memory of the work done by “Madre Teresa di Calcutta”She ends the project in 2000 year.


In 2000 her project “Anamorfosi : Porte della Memoria” is selected for the prize “Terzo Millennio”, Gruppo Moretti, Franciacorta, Italy.


In 2001 she projects and realizes “Signs of Her”, 6 sculptures in porfirico stone and mixed media. One year after she receives a Diploma of merit and a Honorary Title “Cavaliere dell'Etruria” by the Accademy “Gli Etruschi”, Grosseto, Italy. In the same year, she receives another Diploma “First Prize” for sculpture, Livorno Italy .


The following year she works on “The weeping Horse,” 21works on wood paper,printing and tempera.


In 2004 she is invited for a show in the Museum Complesso Vittoriano in Rome Italy. Later in the same year she is invited to coincide with the Literature Festival in Mantova Italy.She creates “Homage to Ranier Maria Rilke” a light structure 200mt long in the Mantova Rio.


In the same year following the sudden death of her beloved sister, she leaves temporarily the art scene.


In 2006 she participates to the International “ANCE” Art Prize in Treviso, Italy “Art for Building” . She receives a prize for her marble sculpture “Quando lo Spazio diventa Forma”,executed with computarized tecnology.


In the same year she works on a new project and realizes “Percorso” sculpture in marble white P, Carrara. By the end of the same year, she executes “Paola” portrait of her deceased sister, in bronze.


In 2008 to coincide with the XIII International Biennale of Sculpture, she participates in various art shows, Carrara, Italy


In 2009 she devotes to study and research.


In 2010 a working accident prevents her from any activity.


In 2011 she participates to the art show “Il Cuore per la vita in Giappone” in the Museum “Centro Arti Plastiche”, Carrara Italy.


In 2012 she is still recovering and travels to the United State.


In 2013 – 2014 she works in various projects, travels to New York where she shows some of her 1980 sculptures collection, sculptures in black and white marble with reference to architecture and nature.


In 2015 she makes a small triptic (drawing and painting) for Japan. In the same year she realizes a catalogue “Uno Sguardo al Dettaglio”, a photographic study on details of various sculptures to bring into evidence how ‘a detail’ becomes ‘a work of art’.

In 2016 she makes a donation in favour of the earthquake victims in center of Italy: a framed drawing dated 1979. In the same year she participates to the art show “Il cuore per la vita di Amatrice” in the Museum “Il Centro di Arti Plastiche (CAP)”, Carrara, Italy.

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